The cells are manufactured in a modular type and can be disassembled when required.

All panels must be made of double walled sandwich structure.

As standard, the outer surface of the panels should be manufactured using PVC coated galvanized sheet. For isolation, 20 mm thick polyurethane or optionally 50 mm rockwool material should be used.

Fans should be backward curved and with frequent blades

Electric motors must be three-phase. The motors must be IP54 and IP55 protection class.

There should be a bypass cell in the center.

Should be 3-stage filter.Front filters should be Synthetic G-3, Activated carbon filter Varisorb, Nukes type Hepa filter ASTROSEL NG brand.

The dampers used in the plant should be selected according to the air velocity of maximum 6 m / s. Dampers should be designed according to both hand and servomotor control.