1000 to 90000 m³ / h flow rate range of manufacturing, with 12 different models and a wide range of choice thanks to modular system dismantled Can be done, can be mounted easily and has the ability to be transferred.

Cell Structure

• Modular system has a cell structure. Installation of the modules is made each other internally by the bolt. Module-based neoprene sealing gasket surfaces are used in combination.

• Merge the cells from producing method is not used, can be a complete dismantling.

• Service doors or hinged clip on the one hand, on the other hand, has a special door armed and tightness. Service covers used in the door handles hinges and clips are made of corrosion-resistant.


• Carcasses consist of aluminum profiles with a minimum wall thickness of 2mm. In the carcass structure 2 different types of aluminum profiles and corner parts are available.

• ** 50-25mm (50mm wide aluminum profiles, 25mm thick insulation material).

• ** 40-20mm (40mm wide aluminum profiles, 20mm thick insulation material).

• Combining the corner piece of aluminum profiles, PVC, 50 to 25 mm 40 to 20 mm aluminum profile is made of gray cast iron.


• All panels are made of double-walled sandwich structure.

• Internal standard plate thickness is 0.60 mm. Outer hair thickness varies according to the size of the plant.

• As a standard, external surfaces of the panels are manufactured using PVC-coated galvanized steel. Optionally, are manufactured in powder-coated.

• According to the capacity of 20-25mm thick polyurethane insulation material is injected. Optionally mineral fiber insulation material may be used.

*Optionally, panels are made as hygienic stainless steel inner face.


Forward curved, or backward curved fans;

• Fan the shaft and the shaft is then dynamically balanced on two bearing bedded locked. One on the base of the fan and the electric motor is located.

• The fan base of the cell assembly, anti-vibration flexible bellows (connector) is used.

Electric Motors

Three phase electric motors. (380V, 50 Hz). Optional single-phase can be used. Engines protect enclosure with IP 54 or 55.

Drive Mechanism

Belt and pulley drive system mechanism. Belts, narrow V-type. Pulleys spin-casting is a bush. Pulleys are suitable for DIN 2211 and TS 148