Cells should be made of modular type and can be disassembled if desired. Mounting of cells should be done with internal bolts.

All parts inside the air handling unit must be made of stainless steel

Carcasses should be made of aluminum profiles with a minimum wall thickness of 2 mm

All panels should be made of double-walled sandwich structure. Internal hair thickness 0.8 mm stainless, outer sheet must be 1 mm galvanized

The outer surface of the panels should be manufactured with PVC coated galvanized hair. For insulation, 50 mm thick rockwool material should be used.

Fans should be used with forward-curved blades with Nicotra brand

Electric motors must be three-phase. Motors must be in IP54 and IP55 coroma class.

The drive system must consist of a belt pulley mechanism. The struts must be V-belt.