While installation of ventilation units they are used for aspiration, blowing, air transfer and balancing of air flow capacity.


Aspirator(Single Deflection) Grilles

  • Aspirator circuit
  • Design as single-band panel.


Blowing(Double Deflection) Grilles

  • Blowing circuit
  • Design as double-band panel.


Circular Duct Grilles (Single/Double Deflection)

  • Aspirator or blowing circuit
  • Design as single-band or double-band panel.


Egg Crate Grilles and Access Doors

  • Transfer circuit and also control gate.
  • As control gate it is produced hinged and locked.
  • Out case is made by aluminum panels, incase is made by aluminum sheet metals


Linear Grilles

  • Transfer circuit.
  • Mount in blowing and aspiration sides of the covered radiator or Fan-coil units.


Square Anemostat

  • Blowing circuit of Hvac Technologies
  • Blowing ability to two ways or three-four ways.


Circular Anemostat

  • Blowing circuit
  • Blowing ability to every ways.


Sailor Anemostat

  • Aspirator circuit
  • Use in wet floors.
  • Through turning screw of its front face, it is used the air balancing.


External Air Louvres

  • Aspirator or blowing circuit.
  • Use in the bathrooms.
  • Not include air balance system, just function of damper back of the air ducts


Slot Diffusers

  • Aspirator or blowing circuit
  • Design as linear perspective and rigid air diffusion through mounting as 1-2-3-4 serial or cascading system.
  • In front panel
  • Special aluminum winglets help to air function as opening and closing of the air balancing system.


Air Balancing Dumpers

  • Aspirator or blowing circuit
  • Use for getting the air balancing in main duct and branch duct.
  • Design on a work basis with manual bar and dumper motor.
  • Out case is made by galvanized sheet metal and in-winglets are made by aluminum structural sheets with gaskets.
  • Machine system is become by PVC gears.


Fire Dumpers

  • Aspirator circuit
  • Use in the site-transition and shaft analysis.
  • Produce as 72 centigrade degree manual braked and dumper motored and than galvanized.


All equipments optionally keep the air flow easily through mounting volumetric dumper back of the grilles.

Aluminum panels are as electrostatic painted.