• Between 100.000 kcal/h – 2.160.000 kcal/h capacity.20 different types and dimensions. Optionally they can be dismantled and be mounted easily.
  •  Devices are used for cooling the condenser water whose function is providing water economy.


Fan Choosing

  • Radial fans are built as double suction fan and compact panel type.
  •  Making these fans is debated to air flow and pressure, fan circuit, loudness and optimum productivity items.


Technical Details

a)Tower Carcass(body): Standard construction galvanized sheet(optionally construction DKP sheet),panels(optionally twin tower),two-coat epoxy paint

b)Packing Materials: Max. Heat transfer surface, PVC Coated, designed as montage easily in carcass


c)Eliminators: Eliminators are mounted as tower unit to be elevated in temperature to separate the air from the water particles entrained in the air distribution pipe.

  • Specially designed water passing through the mist eliminators maximum amounts of drifting in the air / drift loss of 0.2% is below.
  • There is no forced air circulation due to the design of eliminators. Therefore, the power consumption of the fan motor is not excessive.


d)Water Distribution Pipe: Make a hole in the distribution pipe for filling materials wet all surfaces.

This pulverization kept anticipating the maximum water pressure drop at appropriate intervals while is vaporizing water with holes on packing materials


e)Fans: Statically and dynamically balanced, compact panel type, corrosion-proof, double suction radial fans


f) Water router: Distribution of water passing through openings in the pipe multiply and pulverize on the router which is in the form of water distribution pipe hat placed on.

  • The router hitting the water, tower filler plates to ensure maximum contact surface flows down to licking.