Principle of Operation

Air which is taken from the outside by a fan is passed through pad which constantly kept wet with water pump. Upon contact with air, water, water is vaporised by heat from the air and the air temperature drops. The cooled air is pressed to the interior of the fan. It is mixed naturally mixed with the steam into the air again.

Evaporative cooling systems provides a cooler as from the outside to the temperature of the air passing through the surface of the wet pad presses down the internal wall.  Wet pads constantly circulating water, air and steam heat to evaporate the water contact as the trend of absorption as a result of the high temperature drops. In other words, the interior water collects moisture from the air and blows cool air inside.


How hot, it’s so cool

How the logic of evaporative cooling, outside air temperature, the higher the indoor air that would be cool. Work efficiency, especially due to the falling temperature operating environments, and high output evaporative cooling devices must be evaporative coolers. Don’t dry air, improve human comfort.


• Direct air cooling and easy installation

• Special high-efficiency and environmentally-angled pads.

• Classic system cooling systems up to 50 percent compared to the cheap cost of the investment.

• Filtered and comfort with 100% fresh air cool.

• Compressor, refrigerant gas, no non-waste. Close to 90% energy saving.

• Low water consumption / efficiency is very high saturation

• Powder-coated galvanized steel inface and surface.

• Automatic Drainage, Centrifugal Fan


Features: Wheel,Low Noise,



• Factories

• Textile Mills

• Weaving and Spinning Mills

• Apparel Workshops

• Foundries

• Industrial Kitchens

• Show Tents

• Mosques

• Laundries

• Industrial Furnaces

• Drying Facilities

• Warehouses

• Shipyards

• Power Plants

• Poultry Farms

• Sports Facilities

• Outdoor Areas

• Restaurants

• Wedding halls